Welcome to my home page. My name is Michael Todd Peterson and this is my personal site.

I also have the following websites:

Company: www.pixelmystics.com

LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltoddpeterson


Recent Work

This is a restaurant addition with photo matching that I built for a client of mine.

Latest News

8-4-2009. Updated several parts of the site, most notably my resume, the front page here and a few gallery pages.

3-19-2009. I've recently joined LinkedIn to connect to old colleagues and friends and to network with individuals I have done business with in the past. Here's my LinkedIn page if you want to connect to me: http://www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltoddpeterson

3-19-2009 - Had to move the site to a new hosting company. My previous hosting company managed to lose all my databases and I lost quite a bit of data. Guess they never backed up their data center, so either way I'm done with them. As a result, some parts of my site are not working and may take me some time to rebuild. My blog is gone completely, so I'll just have to restart it from scratch. My photo gallery software is in place, but I have to re-build and reload all the photos I had up, so that will also take time.

7-9-2008 - Most of the site should now be up. I've removed a lot of old clutter. Also, I'm still looking for a new job, so if you are in need of an experienced 3d artist/manager, feel free to check out my resume and demo reel at the links above.

7-7-2008 - Uploaded the new redesign of my website. I'm currently working through various pages adding more content, so if something is not working, be patient and I should have it up soon.

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