Welcome to my extended writing gallery. Below are scans from some of the books and manuals that I have written or worked on in the past.
Books and Manuals
This is the last book that I wrote. I co-authored it with Alex Hessler.
I authored the 3D Studio Max 1, 2, and 3 Fundamentals books. This is the cover of the last one that i wrote. The series is now authored by Ted Boardman who has done an excellent job.
I co-authored this book with Jim Lammers and it was translated into over a dozen languages.
The help manual that I authored for Ultrashock.
Online help i wrote for the Diffractor plugin.
I authored a few chapters for the Inside AutoCAD books.
This is a book I wrote about how to get the most out of AutoCAD. I also ended up teaching a class at Autodesk University by the same name. The class was over 250 students and ended up with one of the highest rankings at the conference that year.
This book was written for the original Windows NT 3.1 and 3.5 and how to tune it for various computer graphics applications.
This is the student workbook for a ATC level 1 course for 3d studio dos version 4. To my knowledge, this is the only authorized ATC book ever written outside of discreet/autodesk. It also had an accompanying teacher workbook.
Additional Works



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