This is my gallery of programming samples that I have worked on over the years. I'm mostly providing screenshots of the UI of the programs/installers.
Programming Samples

Programming Language: Nullsoft Installscript

A simple installer I scripted. This one is written in Nullsoft Install System. I have also written many installers with Wise Installation system as well.

Programming Language: Maxscript

This is a screen shot of a Model Thumbnail Generation toolkit I wrote. It was used to generate 6 views of a model, in both wireframe and shaded mode as well as create thumbnails of those. It contains various tools to allow non-artists to work with models and create thumbnails of them. It has full support for local and network rendering.

Upon completion of local renderings, a new rollout appears and shows the resulting thumbnails.

Programming Language: Maxscript

This is a recursive version of the above thumbnail script. You provide the parameters and a directory of files (most commonly .OBJ files) and it will process off all files in that directory and all subdirectories. Each model will then be submitted to a network rendering queue for processing. The script would queue up thousands of models into a render queue for processing. The ultimate limiter ended up being backburner with very large numbers of jobs.

Programming Language: Maxscript

A modiified resource collector designed to also support collecting assets from Vray materials and environments.

Additional Works




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