This is a quick image gallery of various interactive courses/presentations that I have worked on. The actual courses or presentations are not provided for a variety of reasons beyond my control. All logos/company names shown are copyright of their respective owners.
This is an overview presentation for 3Plains that I created while working there. The presentation was done in Macromedia director for presentation via CD or Projector.
This is an HTML/Flash/Java based course I developed for 3Plains. The course was ultimately developed for integration into an LMS via SCORM/AICC standards.

This is a prodcut/service demo CD that I developed for Digimation when I worked for them. This was created in macromedia director and packaged for delivery via CD. Ultimately it was handed out at various trade shows we attended throughout that year.

This is a screenshot of the discreet product CD that shipped with 3ds max 3 and 4. The CD is a catalog of various products that work with 3ds max.

I did not design the interface, but built the entire multimedia presentation in macromedia director for discreet. It was ultimately delivered in every shipping box of 3ds max that was sold during that product cycle.

This is an interactive presentation demonstrating one potential way an emergency evacuation plan for a high-rise building could be presented. This was designed for CD/Web delivery and I ddveloped it in Macromedia diretor while at 3Plains.
Additional Samples



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